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SEO Index Service




400+ Backlinks

Get over 400 backlinks from all over the world


The backlinks are placed on index and statistics pages

After completion you will receive a detailed report in the form of a text and Excel file, with all the information about the links.

Prices incl. VAT.


No suitable offer for you? Please contact us with your individual wishes. 

How it works

We only need your URL / domain to create the backlinks. We do the rest!

After the order

The backlinks are created within 24 hours, after the order. You will receive a detailed report after the creation.

What information the report contains

The report contains information about where exactly and on which page the respective backlink was set.

What you can expect

In this process, your website is sent to so-called Whois and statistics pages, which then create a backlink. Even if this backlink is only dynamic (visitors to the site will not usually see it), your website will still appear in several databases and log files, which are also viewed by search engines and used to index websites. Benefit from the fact that your website will be found better in search engines!

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